Horizon Invitational Meet Recap

On Friday the EPXC team competed at the Horizon Invitational at Riverdale Park in Brighton. The format of this meet was “run unlimited/ score 5” entries for varsity, this means that there was only one boys and one girls heat that all of our runners competed in. These run unlimited meets are a great opportunity for our JV runners to warm up and line up with the varsity 7 and gives everyone a chance at scoring for the team. See race breakdown below and full result linked here.

Girls Team - 12th place/ 17 Teams *(3rd in 3A)

The girls team ran first on Friday and finished in 12th place overall with 2 PRs totaling (-:37s) and half the runners ran faster than last week at CMS. The 2 PR performances were run by Tarczali (-:04s) and Goodwin (-:33s). This was also the 1st race back from injury for Igel who looked strong and ran within less than 1 min of her PR 5k time. It was a stacked field on the girls side and our team lined up alongside several 4A and 5A schools (we finished 3rd among 3A schools). The narrative on the girls side continues to be that we are working patiently to get everyone back to feeling 100% after several late summer/ early season injuries, but we feel confident that we will be able to take the line with a full force girls team by midseason.


Boys Team 8th place/19 Teams *(3rd in 3A)

The boys team ran in the second and final race of the day on Friday and finished in 8th place overall with 2 PR’s totaling 7 PRs (-5:35) and 70% of the runners ran faster than at CMS. The 7 PRs were run by Marske (-1:32, finishing 12th overall!), B. Jackson (-2:15), Faulkner (-:11s), Knudson (-:41s), Wignall (-:22s), Basch (-:01s), and Richmond (-:33s). Although there was only 1 PR in the top 7, they were able to improve there cumulative 5k time by (-2:29) from last week at CMS. The boys team also lined up against large 4A and 5A schools, and also finished 3rd in 3A, notably just behind Liberty Common (a major regional opponent) again this week. As we move forward in the season we will be working to close the gap on Liberty Common among other league/ regional schools and will be looking for 2-3 of our JV runners to step up and challenge our top 7 for a varsity position.

THANK YOU to the Russells for filling the snack box this week and to the Moreaus for hosting the team dinner on Thursday night!

We came off of a hard week of training this week and straight into a fast, but challengingly hot, meet (The Horizon Invitational) on Friday. At this point in the season we know that some runners, especially those who have been training since June, are starting to feel fatigued and spread thin with the added workload that accompanies the beginning of the school year. We ask that every runner keep two things in mind moving forward 1) physiological and mental improvements come as a result of the hard work that you put in and that hard work is going to be challenging and cause fatigue 2) both teams have set challenging goals for themselves this season (attached) and the realization of these goals will require a concerted effort at practices from the whole team that will likely be more challenging than what you have experienced in the past. The emphasis on challenging is intentional; we need this team to approach challenges (workouts, races, setbacks) with courage, toughness, and an excitement test yourself and find out what you’re capable of. As your coaches, we see our role as guiding you toward the attainment of your goals. There is a path to achieve this year’s goals, but it’s going to be challenging… and I hope everyone is excited by that.

This (long) Weekend

All runners – we hope everyone remembered to get out for 45min and 60min run during the three day weekend, ideally with one of those three days being Today so that your legs are ready to return to team practice with a quality workout tomorrow afternoon. *If you are unable to run (due to injury) please plan to cross-train for the same duration in addition to icing, rolling, stretching, and doing the rehab exercises you need to do.

This Week

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:

Run 45 and 60mins (cross-train for those who cannot run 2/3 days)

*No School on Monday


            3:30PM Workout


            3:30PM Mileage Run


            6:30AM Pre-Meet Run

            3:30PM Pre-Race Meeting (room#111)

            5:00PM Team Dinner (Raymond & Basch @ Raymond’s)


Wyoming Invitational

(Little America Golf Course – Cheyenne, WY.)

            12:30PM Depart EPHS

            3:55PM JV Boys

            4:03PM JV Girls

            4:45PM Varsity Girls

            5:20PM Varsity Boys

            6:00PM College Women

            6:30PM College Men

            9:00PM Return EPHS

**Other Team Info**

Pay To Play

If you still need to pay for your athlete's team shirt, competition shorts, and banquet tickets, please send them with cash or check this week. Email me for more details if you have any questions. 

Locker Decorations

Parents, if you are interested in helping with locker decorations this season, please email and we will provide locker numbers for the team roster and craft supplies (if needed). Thank you to Mary Barron for taking on the 1st round of decorations.

Keep on Running!

-Coach Harris

We are Estes Park Cross Country, We are Bobcat Runners, We are Mountain Strong! Here’s to an awesome 2019 season!

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: www.estesparkxc.com. AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!! GO BOBCATS!

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