EPXC has enjoyed a tradition of having a 'pre-meet' dinner the evening before each XC race. Through the generosity & kindness of our EPXC parents, they have offered to host these dinners.  Many, if not all, EPXC runners attend as it is a great team building event.  Additionally, it also provides our team with the necessary nutrients to race well the following day. Although we ask all runners to attend, it is an optional activity depending on school work and other obligations. We also encourage parents and siblings to attend as it is a good way to get to know other families.

Dinner typically starts at soon after school, between 4:30-4:45PM and everyone is on their way home no later than 6:30-7PM as its usually a school night. Dinner host 'sign-ups' are done at the beginning of the season and an Excel spreadsheet is attached which indicates where they will be. 

We still have a couple of slots open.  If you would like to sign up to take one of these slots, please put your last name on the Excel spreadsheet; it will save.