Estes Park Cross Country Team Camp Qualifications

At EPXC’s summer camp, runners will become better, faster and smarter athletes. This very highly sought after camp is a place for EPXC’s runners to build old & new friendships, increase running knowledge, and most importantly, continue EPXC’s tradition to compete at the highest level.

The qualification for the Estes Park Cross Country (EPXC) team camp below describes the process that the coaches will use to select runners to attend EPXC’s summer team camp. EPXC's summer camp is limited to 14 runners (7 males, 7 females).

To become a candidate for consideration, you must:

1. Attend EPXC summer training a minimum of 2 times per week.

2. Be diligent in logging your summer mileage through EPXC’s leaderboard on If any questions on how to log miles, please see one of the coaches.

3. If selected, complete all paperwork 2 weeks prior to the start of team camp:

  • EPXC Camp Rules
  • Overnight Student Travel Sign-Off
  • School Trip Consent Form
  • Current Physical (required yearly)
  • Current Concussion Test
  • Athlete Fee: $35

4. Volunteering at a minimum of 2 run events during the summer.

5. Coach's Evaluation

EPXC's team camp is open to ALL incoming Freshman, current & prospective Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.