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Egg-Nog Mile

Love Egg-Nog? Enjoy Running? Why not both at the same time? Each year since 2014, the Estes Park Cross Country team holds their 'Egg Nog Mile'. The rules are easy enough: runners line up, chug a cup of eggnog, race around the track, chug another glass, and so on, until they have completed a mile (please refer to 'Egg Nog Mile' rules below for details). The catch, of course, is that runners may not drop their cups or throw-up at any point in the race. So if you're ready to tackle this challenge, wear your required best holiday outfit and bring your A-game because anyone can win AND anyone can get disqualified!

Although the 'Egg Nog Mile' may leave some runners with a bellyache, the race is all in good fun and give participants an opportunity to 'Tis the Season' of the Christmas/holiday season.

Estes Park XC’s Egg Nog Mile makes RunnersWorld

Estes Park XC’s Egg Nog Mile makes RunnersWorld

Top Time (Boys) - Nathan Zurfluh - (2018), 5:59

Top Time (Girls) - Lily Tomasula-Martin - (2014), 6:17

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* This event is not advised for lactose intolerant individuals.

** You will consume more eggnog calories than you burn on this run.

*** Egg nog is not an electrolyte replacement sports beverage... stay hydrated.