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Coaching Staff:

Alex Harris ( - Head Coach

Tony Stafford ( - Assistant Coach

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Coach Harris & Coach Stafford will be in frequent communication with everyone through the following means:

Guidelines For Participation:

As coaches, we encourage a positive atmosphere among our team members and hope that parents support their athletes and other team members in the same positive manner. We have put together the following guidelines for the Estes Park Cross Country Team. With the number of athletes who participate the Cross Country Program, we recognize that there are different motivating factors for athletes’ participation. With this in mind, we have decided to accommodate both the serious runners and the semi-serious social runners on our team. However we do stress that the athletes' participation must be at the forefront with the social atmosphere coming next. Additionally, we feel that this will provide a better team-centered approach to both our workouts, races and everything else encompassing cross country. All athletes are allowed to participate in each meet, with the exception of the regional meet, state meet and NXNSW, as long as they have followed the guidelines set forth.

Academics & Eligibility:

Student-Athlete means student first, athlete second.  Grades are the most important entity in our program.  The following will be our policies on grades, judged by EPHS's weekly eligibility reports.

  • All C’s or above are considered to be acceptable.
  • 1 D:  The athlete will have a week to make progress on the grade, if no progress is made, that athlete will be required to attend study tables until progress is made. 
  • 2 D’s:  The athlete  will have one week to make progress on the grade.  If no progress is made, the athlete will be required to attend study tables until progress is made, and will be suspended for one meet.
  • 3 D’s or more:  The athlete will be required to attend study tables immediately.  If no progress is made within a week, the athlete will be suspended from all team activities until progress is made.
  • 1 F:  CHSAA mandates that any athlete with an “F” is ineligible to compete until the grade improves.

If you have concerns about a grade, please communicate with your teachers and coaches.  We will all help you the best we can.

All participants are required to follow CHSAA Sportsmanship Protocol at all meets and during all practices. Use of foul language, threats against team members or competitors, and unsportsmanlike conduct are all prohibited on the Estes Park XC team. Team members are expected to be courteous/respectful to coaches, parents and other team members at all times. Any form of behavior not conducive to the betterment of the team will require in asking the athlete to go-home for the day's practice. Additionally, we do many of our workouts on trails throughout the town, it is also required that team members are courteous to other persons using the trails (meaning do not block trails or run in packs that block trails).


Practices are the means in which we prepare ourselves for weekly competition and our ultimate goals for the season.  It is important to maintain a positive mental attitude every day in order to get the most from the practices.

  • Practice times are from 3:40 to 6PM; any changes will be well communicated.  It is the athlete’s duty to report to practice on time every day.
  • If there is valid a reason that an athlete cannot attend practice on a certain day, we ask that you notify the coaches in a day's advance. However, constant absence from practice will result in suspension from one meet. Please note that for all absences, excused and unexcused, athletes can contact coaches to arrange make-up workouts at another time, but on the same day as the absence.
  • Negativity in any form will result in 10 push-ups.  A second daily offense will result in 20 push-ups and so on and so forth.
  • During practice we will treat everybody with respect and sportsmanship.  We are a team.  Any form of bullying against a teammate will not be tolerated.  A single warning will be given, after that warning, a one meet suspension will be given.
  • All athletes should make sure to have the appropriate clothing and equipment for all practices. This includes shorts, watches (GPS or Timex are sufficient), t-shirts, running shoes, water bottles, and cold weather clothing such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, waterproof shells, gloves and hats.  


When at meets, EPXC represents not only our team, but our school and our community.  It is important to act in a way that brings good light to all three of those things.  The following is our policy on meet behavior and transportation.

  • Athletes are required to ride the team bus to all team activities.  While on the bus, we will adhere to all rules mandated by the bus driver and school system.
  • An athlete wishing to leave a team activity with their parents must be signed out with either Coach Harris or Coach Stafford.  Athletes may only be signed out by his/her parents.
  • Sportsmanship:  We will display honorable sportsmanship whether in victory or defeat while at or during transportation to/from competition.
  • We will display good moral character during meets, being considerate of fellow athletes, fans, coaches, and officials.
  • While racing, warming up, or cooling down, we will fulfill our duties with full diligence because anything less is unfair to our team and the others who have worked hard for these opportunities.
  • Racing behavior:

Transportation is organized by EPXC coaches for school buses to shuttle athletes to and from trailheads on those practice days.

Athletes will be issued a team uniform at the beginning of the season. Return of the uniforms in good condition (clean and folded in a bag with participant’s name) is required. Missing items will be fined through the school at the following fees: Warm-up Jacket 75.00, Warm-up Pants $45.00, Jersey $75.00, Warm-ups and uniforms are to be worn at meets only.

Varsity Selection:
Estes Park Cross Country welcomes athletes of all levels and abilities and is a 'no-cut' sport. At all JV meets, we are allowed unlimited entries. EPXC varsity athletes are selected from the previous race top 7 finishers, practice performance, attendance, injuries, consistency, etc., as long as all athletes have met all EPXC's above listed requirements. Regional and State participants will be selected by the coaches taking in to account the entire season’s performances.

All athletes are eligible for a varsity letter. In order to letter, an athlete must meet the following criteria

  1. Be a consistent member of the varsity team at meets.
  2. Follow all team policies.
  3. Be in good standing with the coaching staff and teammates.
  4. Must be in the top 12 finishers at least 3 times during the season.
  5. Coach's discretion will be used.

Coach’s Note:

As coaches, our ultimate goal in the whole scheme of things is to help you (the athlete).  We will not throw you under the bus for anything.  We want to see you succeed on the highest levels in whatever endeavor you may so chose.

We will uphold an “Open Door Policy” and at any time you feel that you need to discuss an issue, please do so.  Anything said during a meeting under the 'ODP' will be confidential unless otherwise desired.

Each and every one of you chooses how this season will go.  You can chose to be the best and put in the work and dedication needed to be the best, or you can chose to be the opposite and do the opposite...however, you will suffer the consequences.  We will coach you every step of the way. That is our job...the decision is yours.

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